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A surrogate is a woman who carries the fertilized egg (embryos) to term in her uterus on behalf of the intended parents. In gestational surrogacy, the baby is conceived entirely by the intended parents: the biological mother’s egg is fertilized with the biological father’s sperm. The embryo is then placed in the surrogate’s uterus and carried to term. The Children’s Act came into force on the 1st of April 2010and the new law stipulates that all surrogate agreements must be confirmed by the High Court before any treatment can begin, and classic surrogacy where the surrogate is also the oocyte ‘donor’ is no longer allowed by the Children’ Act. The also stipulates that at least one of the parents must use their own gametes (sperm or eggs).

Psychological Support

We recommend the following psychologists for your emotional support (before, during and after fertility treatment):

Robin Farrington:

041 583 4072 | 083 236 7848 |  robinfar@iburst.co.za

Lynette Dean:

083 309 9963 |  ndean@iafrica.com

In the event that the treatment was not successful a consultation with Dr Botha or Dr Sieg is recommended. As a Clinic we feel it is very important to have this consultation, to clarify any uncertainties, provide closure and discuss future fertility planning.