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Frequently asked questions - Artificial insemination.

Q: What happens after my husband’s/partner’s sample is
     handed in to the lab?

A: The laboratory will ‘wash’ the sample to eliminate the
     bad/dead sperm. This process takes approx. 90 mins.

Q: Is the artificial insemination procedure painful?

A: No, this is exactly like a pap-smear.

Q: What happens during the insemination procedure??

A: A speculum is vaginally inserted and a tiny catheter is then
     passed through your cervix. You will not feel the catheter at all.

Q: How long does it take?

A: The procedure takes approx. 3-8mins. You be required to remain lying for a further
     10min after the procedure.

Q: Am I allowed to have intercourse after the insemination procedure?

A: Yes, you are encouraged to have intercourse on the evening of the insemination
     and the next morning. Intercourse does not need to be avoided at anytime during the cycle.

Q: Do I have to avoid any specific food items?

A: Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided.

Q: What may I not do on the day of insemination.

A: You can continue normally and return to work on the same day.

Q: How do I know that the sample is my husband’s / partner’s?

A: The lab is meticulous regarding the correct identification of all samples and adheres
     to good laboratory practices. Only one patient’s sample is worked on at a time,
     with on a lab bench until completion of the process for that specific patient. This
     can sometimes lead to delays in procedures.

Q: Can I get a sick note for the day?

A:  We will be able to provide a letter stating absence from work for a few hours in the
      day. Patients traveling from far will receive a sick note for the day of the procedure only.

Frequently asked questions - In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Q: When is my Day 1?

A: Day 1 the first day of your menstruation (full flow of red blood). If it is before 12h00, day 1 would be that day. If after 12h00, your day 1 would If it  is before 12h00, day 1 would be that day. If after 12h00, your day 1 would be the next day. Spotting is not considered as day 1.

Q: Who do we need to contact on Day 1?

A: Please contact the fertility clinic on day 1, on 041-373 3771 or over weekends and public holidays, please SMS 072 999 0537.

Q: What if we don’t have the finances for IVF?

A: Before starting with the IVF procedure, please contact First Health Finance for financial assistance. Call 0800 212 537 or visit www.fhf.co.za. Please note a deposit of R32 000 must be paid before commencing treatment and your account must be settled no later than the day of embryo transfer. If your embryo’s are frozen after your first cycle, your account must be settled within 30 days of freezing.

Q: Why do I need a scan on day 2?

A: The Doctor decides your stimulation protocol, once he has scanned you vaginally. Your medication will be given to you on that day. Please do not use tampons on this day and bring a clean sanitary towel with, to replace after scanning.

Q: Does my bladder have to be full for the scan?

A: No.

Q: Will I be experiencing any side-effects from my medication?

A: This varies from patient to patient. If you do have any side effects it lasts for a few days. Weight gain is only fluid retention due to medication.

Q: May we carry on with our exercise?

A: Mild exercise (walking). No strenuous exercise please.

Q: Are we allowed to have intercourse while on program and when do we have to abstain?

A: You may have intercourse during the cycle. Please abstain for 2 days before ovum pick up.

Q: When can we have intercourse after the procedure?

A: You will need to abstain from intercourse from day of OPU (DAY OF PICK UP) until blood test. You will be asked to have intercourse the day of trigger.

Q: Can I bath or swim after the procedure?

A: Please do not swim/bath for at least three days after your procedure, rather shower.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

A: OPU (DAY OF PICK UP) - 30 minutes in theatre and 1 ½ hours after sedation for recovery. Embryo Transfer 10 minutes for procedure and 45min bed rest (no sedation).

Q: Am I allowed to drive after the procedure?

A: OPU (DAY OF PICK UP) - not for 24 hours post sedation. Embryo Transfer – yes

Q: Can my embryo’s fall out?

A: No, the embryos are placed in the uterus and can’t fall out; bowel movements will not affect the embryos.

Q: How many embryo’s do you put back?

A: Usually only 2 embryos, unless discussed.

Q: What happens to our excess embryo’s?

A: Any embryos that are of good quality will be frozen. You will need to complete a consent form in this regard.

Psychological Support

We recommend the following psychologists for your emotional support (before, during and after fertility treatment):

Robin Farrington:

041 583 4072 | 083 236 7848 |  robinfar@iburst.co.za

Lynette Dean:

083 309 9963 |  ndean@iafrica.com

In the event that the treatment was not successful a consultation with Dr Botha or Dr Sieg is recommended. As a Clinic we feel it is very important to have this consultation, to clarify any uncertainties, provide closure and discuss future fertility planning.