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Semen Analysis

A semen analysis is the easiest and most cost effective test that a couple can undergo to determine fertility potential. A semen analysis is considered current if it has been obtained within the last 4 months and performed by a reputable laboratory using acceptable criteria. Semen analysis that show abnormal values should be rechecked no sooner than 4 weeks prior to any assisted reproductive treatment.

The parameters for a normal semen analysis:

Motility           > 30%
Forward Progression           > 2
Count           > 20 mil/ml
Antibodies (MAR Test)           < 50%
Morphology           > 5%

Semen quality can always be improved through lifestyle changes. Smokers should be advised to stop smoking and be placed on antioxidant supplementation (Vitamin C 1gm/day and Vitamin E 400ugm/day as well as folic acid). Men should also not consume more than 4 units of alcohol a week and should be encouraged to eat green leafy vegetables. These lifestyle changes should be undertaken for a minimum of 3 months before a change can be seen in semen quality.

It is advised for the male partner to have a semen analysis done before hand as this tests take a few days and these results are required to make an accurate diagnosis. Please note that the procedures and requirements can be seen below:

  1. You need to abstain from intercourse for 2-4 days, exactly
  2. The specimen must be obtained by masturbation and passed in a sterile container that you can get from us or any pharmacy or Doctors rooms
  3. The specimen needs to be at the Laboratory within ONE HOUR after collection
  4. Samples can be delivered Mon - Thurs between 9am and 2pm and Fri between 7am and 12
  5. We are a cash practice so payment is required up front and then can be claimed back from your medical aid.