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Donor Egg And Sperm Programme

Although it is every woman’s dream of having a baby with her own eggs, it is sometimes not possible due to poor ovarian quality. Age (especially > 42 years). Chemotherapy, smoking and chromosomal anomalies (eg. TURNER syndrome) or relative poor quality embryo’s, may lead to a couple needy to consider donor oocytes (eggs).

Egg Donors can be selected from the following agencies:


Contact Person        Jenny Currie
Email        info@baby2mom.co.za
Website Address        www.baby2mom.co.za
Contact Number         +27 84 465 8353

Gift ov Life:

Contact Person         Tami Sussman
Email        tami@giftovlife.com
Website Address        www.giftovlife.com
Contact Number          +27 21 439 8823
Contact Person        Melany Bartok
Email        melany@nurture.co.za
Website Address         www.nurture.co.za
Contact Number        +27 76 684 8489


Contact Person Lara Payne
Email lara@ababysa.com
Website Address www.ababysa.com
Contact Number +27 79 111 2129

Seed of Hope

Contact Person   Ronel Goddard   
Email info@seedofhope.co.za
Website Address www.seedofhope.co.za
Contact Number +27 72 963 4618

HOPE Egg Donation Agency

Contact Person  Angie Grobbelaar
Email info@hopeeggdonation.co.za
Website Address www.hopeeggdonation.co.za
Contact Number +27 79 777 2237

Artificial Insemination is an excellent option for the following:

  • Couples whose infertility is caused solely by a male factor that cannot be treated. 
  • Azoospermic men, especially with gene variants
  • Couples with severe male factor who do not want to pursue any of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Single women wanting to start a family
  • Men with azoospermia due to cancer treatment/previous surgery/mumps orchitis

There are many donors available with varying physical characteristics and each couple selects their own donor. Information regarding the donor includes physical characteristics, hobbies, academic achievements, etc.

All donors undergo stringent screening which includes:

  • Full semen analysis
  • Physical examination similar to those required for insurance purposes
  • Blood tests that test for sexually transmitted diseases eg.: HIV, Hepatitis B and C.
  • Psychological evaluation

Egg Donor Agencies

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Giftov Life